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Your rights are our passion. You don’t have to face criminal charges alone. It is normal to feel as though the deck is stacked against you when you are accused of a crime. Not only are you worried about potential repercussions, but your job, your relationships and your reputation may be on the line. Fortunately, you do not have to face criminal charges on your own.



Taking the
extra step

Your right to an attorney is fundamental. We work for you when you’re facing criminal charges to achieve the result that is in your best interest. We combine aggressiveness with compassion and strategic thinking. Throughout the process, we keep you first; working tirelessly to achieve the best results possible.

Getting in touch
We understand you have questions and need answers, now. Our team is available to meet with you or your family, quickly and efficiently, to understand your charges and how we can help. Contact us [here] any time to speak with our team and set up a meeting.

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Our first meeting
When you first meet with us, bring copies of any documents pertaining to the case. This could include police reports, warrants, or any other paperwork related to your criminal charge. We will review the facts and consider any immediate defenses, such as unlawful search or self-defense, to begin our process.
Gathering and examining evidence
Evidence can be physical evidence, interviews with witnesses, interviews with expert witnesses and many other sources. Under the law, evidence the state has gathered must be shared with us. We dig further to get all the facts of the case and understand when and how evidence has been gathered to determine how that may impact your case.
Keeping you safe
Throughout the case, we work to protect you from further harm. We are present at every hearing, attempting to lessen your burden every step of the way. We guide you through every decision.
After an exhaustive review of the evidence, the law, and the facts relative to your particular case, we negotiate with the government in an effort to achieve a dismissal or a plea agreement. A key way we help you is through negotiation. With an exhaustive review of evidence, interpretation of law and understanding of your situation, we work with the prosecution to dismiss charges, minimize your charges, or secure a plea deal.
Representing you in trial
Should your case proceed to trial, we have the experience and skill to put forward your best defense.
Should you face the court for sentencing, we prepare your argument for the least punitive sentence possible.
Putting you first
Throughout the process, we keep you first; working tirelessly to achieve the best result possible.



your rights

We ensure at every stage of the case that your constitutional and procedural rights are protected.

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