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Whether under federal investigation or indicted for a federal crime, you need an experienced, dedicated federal attorney immediately. Federal criminal law charges are much different than being charged at the state level. It’s a whole different system. Which means different laws, different procedures and different sentencing schemes. The law firm of Shumard & Galnor fiercely represents clients in the Middle District of Florida, which stretches from Jacksonville, through Orlando and Tampa and ending in Fort Myers.

There are more than 4,000 federal criminal laws. The resources of the federal government can be intimidating for anyone facing federal crimes. If you or a loved one is charged with a federal crime, you need a criminal defense attorney who knows federal criminal law inside and out. You need an attorney who is confident, experienced and comfortable facing federal judges and prosecutors. You need an attorney who is ready and able to thoroughly investigate your case and is not afraid to stand up to the federal government. Any criminal defense attorney needs a specialized set of skills and knowledge for handling cases in federal court. Those charged with federal crimes need attorneys who are experienced in federal criminal law. If you or a loved one are facing a federal investigation or indictment, call Shumard & Galnor immediately.


There is no such thing as a minor criminal charge. But, perhaps no charges are as complicated and intimidating as federal charges. After all, the machine of the United States’ government has its sights set on YOU. Federal charges run the gamut from child pornography, drug trafficking and tax evasion to espionage, identity theft and racketeering. Conviction on federal charges can carry a heavy sentence, including long-term incarceration.

Serious charges require serious work, and your federal attorney from Galnor Shumard will work tirelessly to protect your Constitutional rights. Darcy Galnor and Gary Shumard fight to give their clients the best possible defense and outcome. And Galnor Shumard never relies on the findings of the government or prosecutors. They conduct their own independent investigations, often finding hidden issues or uncovering evidence.


If you or someone you know needs a federal criminal defense attorney, call Galnor Shumard now at 904-516-5507. We are always available. Criminal arrests and charges happen at all hours, so we answer our clients’ calls 24 hours a day. Please call now.

Federal charges require a knowledgeable, experienced federal attorney. For federal cases in Northeast Florida, call the attorneys at Galnor Shumard now.


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